About Us

Even in ancient times, much time and effort was devoted to beauty care. The Roman philosopher Cicero recognised: „The face is the image of the soul“. No wonder women and men today wish to spend more time on their beauty care routine.

We are deeply convinced of this and have gone in search of an innovative method to effectively bring beauty care to everyone.
Korea is known for having the largest beauty market in the world which has led us to the founding of K-SAE. Our products combine Korea’s latest beauty innovations with the French advanced beauty technology.

In Korean „SAE“ stands for beauty, youthfulness or „golden“. The aim of our care products is to preserve the beauty, naturalness and radiance of the skin.
Our goal is to give you flawless skin by providing important nutrients which brings a permanent improvement to its appearance.

We believe that K-SAE makes everyone more beautiful and thus strengthens self-confidence.
With healthy skin you will feel more self-confident, more positive, more active and especially happier!