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Whitening Treatment bottle 1

Step 1: glycolic ACID PEELING 30% PRO

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This is the most effective and safe chemical exfoliation form now. To become bright white, as smooth as possible, our skin should be eliminated dead cells on a regular manner. Other than the physical exfoliation only effects on the skin surface, exfoliation chemicals has a high acid concentration, which has deep osmosis, cleansing the pores filled with sebum, controlling the amount of oil excess , anti-inflammatory, blurring the stain, improves uncolored skin. The AHA group is devoted to all skin types, especially oily skin, acne skin, enlarged pores, skin discoloration and both aging skin so the simultaneous glycolic acid will stimulate the skin to produce new cells, promote skin regeneration process , giving skin clean, soft, astringent and straining pores smooth.

In the evening, after cleaning and washing the face is complete, dry, take a few drops of the chemical die exfoliation at the 1-massage tube gently across the skin surface. To about 3-5 minutes then rinse with warm water. Note: At skin will have mild sense of acupuncture, this is a completely normal reaction when using glycolic acid, after washing face is finished back to normal. Uses 1-2 times per week (separated 4-5 days). After peel the skin should dab sunscreen the next morning, especially immediately after Peel should be moist for the skin according to the steps below.

Whitening Treatment bottle 2


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As its name is, this is the step for balancing PH balance and ensuring skin after peel and washing the face still maintains the necessary moisture, facilitating to enhance the ability to absorb the healthy ingredients in the next skin nourishing step , help the skin become more energetic, bright and radiant.

After the chemical exfoliation, permeability a sufficient amount at the 2 pipe out of cotton, gently dab all over the face, to lotion osmosis on the skin from 3-5 minutes.

Whitening treatment Maske White


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„When the facial finds show dull color, I usually face paper masks for 7 consecutive days. By the end of the weekend, the skin was moist, more smooth clearly seen“ – The beautiful editor Maureen Choi’s Glamour magazine.

A paper mask is an indispensable step in the „Home Spa“ process – a beauty experience at the Home Spa!

No coincidence that paper masks are frequently caught in the skin process „glass skin“ of the beauty editor and beauty blogger. This is an effective way to make the skin dry, dehydration, without color with the results visible immediately after use.

In addition to moisture-level effects, „whitening mask‘ Serum 2 in 1“ also has a characteristic white balm, which eliminates skin-induced pigments, enhancing the birth of new cells that help the skin smooth from deep inside.

Open the pack. Remove the plastic layer. Place the mask on your face. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Massage gently until the complete absorption of the product.

Whitening Treatment bottle 4

Step 4: Arbutin COMPLEX

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This is the final step in the „Whitening treatment – Home Spa“ process. The skin must be moist enough, healthy, refined white skin nutrients to maximize the effect. Arbutin is a characteristic skin whitening substance, thanks to the slow-production process of melanin – thereby blurring and eliminating the stain, lightening, dark skin areas, deep stain caused by acne scars. Serum Arbutin Complex also helps provide abundant moisture to the skin, and produces a layer of skin protection, increased moisture efficiency and skin glow, which helps the skin to stretch the vitality, soft and smooth.

Dab a few drops of essence serum arbutin complex in pipe 4 up throughout the skin surface, using 2 times/day-bright and dark. After massaging the essence of penetrant Serum, it is recommended to use lotion to drain moisture, as well as sunscreen into daylight to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

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